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The Sahaj Mitr App is designed for our Sahaj Mitr (SM or commonly referred to as Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE)) who are located all across India and are dedicated to providing various services to the Citizens of India to improve the life of customers and make available various services to them.

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Sahaj is one of the largest distribution networks in rural India with 2,61,000 phygital retail outlets and provides distribution of products & services through a Brick and Click Phygital Model primarily in rural India.

Become a Sahaj Mitr today and help rural people assess Government services easily. As a Sahaj Mitr you will get an amazing opportunity to earn handsome commissions.


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Sahaj Mitr


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States/Union Territories
Sahaj Mitr (Retailer)

Sahaj Mitr is a village level entrepreneur who promotes various services of sahaj to the rural population and participates in rural developement. He is mostly located under a Gaon Panchayat

Param Mitr (Distributor)

Param Mitr work as motivators for a group of Sahaj Mitr, who are mapped with him/her. He guides them, gives them training and inspires them to achieve their business objectives.

Super Param Mitr (Super Distributor)

Super Param Mitr works as leader for a group of Param Mitr. He creates goals and strategies for Param Mitr to help achieve their business goals .

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