Income Tax Filing

Income Tax filing service can be availed by any individual including service provider (Sahaj Mitra) and the common people ( any govt or private salaried employee, or any small-medium enterprise owner, etc) from Sahaj Service portal

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  • It makes loan processing easier.
  • It helps you claim any carried forward losses.
  • It allows you to claim TDS refunds.
  • It contributes to nation-building.
  • It will help you with visa or credit card applications.


  • ITR helps in claiming refund of any excess TDS money deducted.
  • Helps in getting loan approvals.
  • ITR serves as a proof in various domains like credit-card application, government tenders etc.
  • ITR helps in processing of VISA for foreign travel.
  • It’s your contribution to the development and growth of our nation

Process :

Step 1

The guide to file return and common FAQs are readily available on the portal.

Step 2

ITR filing services are provided by Tax experts from Tax2win.

Step 3

You only need to upload basic information and documents of the client, nothing else is required .

Frequently Answered Questions

  • 01

    What is the next process after filling up the form successfully?

  • 02

    What documents need to be taken from client?

  • 03

    What documents need to be taken from client?

  • 04

    Is it necessary to give bank account details?

  • 05

    How much time does it take for a TDS refund?

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