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Apart from Retail business now Sahaj provides multiple new opportunities to earn revenue . We are bringing more business opportunities which can give your customer more options. Keep coming to Earn More page and get a chance to check new Sahaj provided services


Sahaj Bazaar

Sahaj has launched “ Sahaj Bazaar “ an ecommerce initiative for our valuable retail partners. Now you can increase your business more

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Sahaj Mitr (Retailer)

Sahaj Mitr is a village level entrepreneur who promotes various services of sahaj to the rural population and participates in rural development. He is mostly located under a Gaon Panchayat

Param Mitr (Distributor)

Param Mitr work as motivators for a group of Sahaj Mitr, who are mapped with him/her. He guides them, gives them training and inspires them to achieve their business objectives.

Super Param Mitr (Super Distributor)

Super Param Mitr works as leader for a group of Param Mitr. He creates goals and strategies for Param Mitr to help achieve their business goals .