Sahaj e-Shiksha Academy is an initiative of Sahaj Retail Limited to provide quality education and training to the learners from all spheres of the society on our digital platform. Through Sahaj e-Shiksha Academy we aim to fulfil all the learning needs of a learner throughout his learning life cycle.

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  • Sahaj e-Shiksha Academy brings unique advantages, the prominent being the ability to provide personalized attention to all students.
  • Sahaj’s conventional set-up makes it possible for one-to-one tutorials.
  • Sahaj makes it possible for people living in smaller towns and villages to get access to the best possible learning resources from across the world, at a very affordable price..


  • Online Learning accommodates everyone needs
  • Lectures can be taken multiple times
  • Offers access to updated Content
  • Quick Delivery of Content
  • Attractive Commissions to Sahaj Mitr
  • Best suited for everyone

Process :

Step 1

Sahaj Mitr Login into Eshiksha Portal.

Step 2

Enter Student details and Select Education package for student.

Step 3

Pay package fees with Skash. Students get portal login details . Sahaj Mitr earns commission.

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