Nielit is leader in the development of industry oriented quality education and training and is the country's premier Institution for examination and certification in the field of Information, Electronics and Communications Technology (IECT).

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  • Important in providing government supported education.
  • Important for rural areas where skill enhancement centers are not available.
  • Sahaj Mitr can promote as all courses provide govt certification
  • Nielit Centres run for longer periods.
  • Sahaj Mitr earns a reputation as an Education provider in the area.


  • Attractive Benefits to Sahaj Mitr.
  • Students get trained with courses curated by experts.
  • Multiple courses under one centre.
  • Easy Documentation and Login process for portal.
  • Centre is valid for 3 Years.
  • Govt Certified Courses give student an extra edge in career.

Process :

Step 1

Centre Documentation process and Formalities.

Step 2

Hiring Faculty and Computer Setup.

Step 3

Centre is ready to serve for educating students.

Frequently Answered Questions

  • 01

    SM stated that how to sell e-learning courses from our portal?

  • 02

    SM stated that the balance deducted from the skash wallet but Txn id not generate?

  • 03

    Will I get Lifetime access to all the courses?

  • 04

    Can I share my ID with other students?

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