MO-seba Kendra

MO-seba Kendra is an unified Integrated Service Delivery portal developed by Odisha Computer Application Centre (OCAC), the Technical Directorate of E & IT Department, Govt of Odisha , is a comprehensive and transformative effort by the state Government to better integrate G2C services and improve quality of service delivery with enriched citizen experience. An unified & integrated portal helps to achieve a transparent and responsive governance for all , through a fully automated, streamlined self and assisted mode service delivery (through Mo Seba Kendra Centres) capabilities.

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  • The portal is a front-end interface for all e-Governance Applications of various Departments
  • OdishaOne portal framework is designed in such a way that various applications can utilize this framework irrespective of their level of automation such as whether the service delivery methodology is fully automated / partially automated / offline.
  • It is envisaged to integrate more than 200 Government-to-Citizen (G2C) services in OdishaOne portal.


  • To provide easy, anywhere and anytime access to Government Services (both Informational & Transactional)
  • Reduce direct interaction of citizen with the Government and encourage `e'-interaction and efficient communication through OdishaOne portal
  • Promotion of use of One-Stop-Portal where citizen shall register once and can avail all the state government services from a single platform so as to ensure seamless citizen experience while availing the services.
  • Delivery of services through Mo Seba Kendra by leveraging the common infrastructures of the State.
  • Enhance responsiveness of the Government and its constituent Departments

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