Tele Medicine service

Tele Medicine service is an online doctor consultation platform, which allows you to access Non-Emergency/ Preventive Healthcare from anywhere and at any time!

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Tele Medicine service: Upon subscription, a user gets access to Tele Medicine panel of certified and experienced General Physicians to consult for any non-emergency medical situations. Using Tele Medicine service through the web/mobile app, one can avail either video/audio consultations, chat with an expert general physician, get investigations done, obtain prescribed medicines, update health profiles, or view all medical records through her, anywhere and anytime! It’s that simple.

About Tele Medicine service

Tele Medicine at present allows for Two (2) days advance doctor Bookings/appointments. There are two types of appointments –

Waiting Appointment

Connects you to the doctor in the immediately next available time slot within 15 minutes.

Scheduled Appointment:

You get to book a time slot for a doctor consultation in advance as per your convenience.

Process :

Step 1

Customer Registration on Sahaj Portal.

Step 2

Account activation process for User. User will get Login Details

Step 3

Customer will be able to Login DocOnline Portal with Login details to book appointments.

Frequently Answered Questions

  • 01

    What is Tele Medicine? What Services does it provide?

  • 02

    Do you also deliver medicines at home?

  • 03

    If my prescription order is unclear or I am having doubts regarding the treatment, then whom do I approach?

  • 04

    Do you also deliver medicines at home?

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